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Worldscan boasts a long, successful history as a highly original and inventive marketing communications company. View a client list and a review of accomplishments.

Worldscan began in 1993 as one of the original "dot-coms," developing some of the very first search engines, news agglomerators, online databases, and websites. Our original name was "Worldscan Intelligence Services, LTD" -- in part because "NetScan" had already been snapped up by an Indiana TV repair shop.

Worldscan's five founders brought extensive and successful experience in advertising, public relations, event marketing, association management, and direct response marketing -- as well as code-writing -- together under one roof (one of the founders actually designed Playboy's first web site before joining Worldscan).

In 1998, we passed on the big internet IPO opportunities. Worldscan was acquired by Steven Webster, one of the five founders. Corporate offices were moved from Chicago's Northwest Tower Building in the historic and trendy Wicker Park neighborhood to an historic and trendy downtown loft (122 S Calhoun) in Tallahassee, Florida, where the firm opened MW Consulting, specializing in government relations and public affairs, and the Marine Construction Industry Alliance (MCIA), serving the marine construction and contracting professions. Worldscan continues its focus on advertising, public relations, and now, social media.

Steven Webster, previously Group Creative and Account Director at Ogilvy & Mather, is Worldscan President and CEO.