Since its founding, Worldscan has been on the cutting edge of persuasion. Don't be surprised if you find yourself surprised by this list of accomplishments.

Since we began as an internet company, helping clients develop an online presence, we have a long history in the online world. But, our passion has always been for making news that helps our clients!

We've written hundreds of press releases. Personal favorites: our paean to Western Publishing's one billionth Golden Book, which landed on the front page of major papers like the Chicago Sun-Times. Then, there was our fear-provoking dispatch on the bufo marinus toad, a poison-loaded exotic that may have arrived in the US aboard a Miami-bound cargo plane. While managing a veterinary conference in Orlando, we learned that these toads, whose poison can kill smaller pets, had hopped their way from Miami right to the southern outskirts of Orlando. A sensationalized press release had sensational results: Orlando media -- well, got all hopped up. The story played for several days, then peaked after an Orlando resident phoned a local TV station to report that one of the frogs was in his front yard! The vets loved it.    

Worldscan scored a 'grand slam' when every Orlando TV station covered "Rally Against the Regulations," a protest against unfair, unnecessary and dangerous new restrictions on family boaters. Hundreds of boats carrying thousands of boaters jammed local waterways. Worldscan's work was on behalf of Citizens for Florida's Waterways, a group that would usually receive negative coverage when it received any at all. Local paper Florida Today had ignored previous rallies, but gave this one and a follow-up event front-page coverage.

Separately, we were the key coordinators of legislation, journalism and science that won the first-ever roll-back of proposed speed zones scheduled for Pinellas County waterways. And, we were and remain irreplaceable in the efforts to ensure that waterway regulations (for imperiled species such as manatees) are matched by waterway science (which, before us.... they were not).

Name a career highlight? For us, it would be linking up Bob Vila and Sears Craftsman. We had pursued the idea for years, finally succeeding when Bob's "Home Again" premiered as a syndicated TV show. We even found Bob the house he rehabbed in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, just a block away from our own home. (Worldscan's founder now maintains that Wicker Park became hyper-cool not only after he moved there.... but because he moved there.)


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Worldscan means innovation, dedication and success.

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