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Help/Hints uses frames, lots of javascript and some php.

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How did we do some of this stuff? The main page is comprised of five frames. The top and bottom frames are fixed. The left-center and right-center frames "grow" vertically to match the height of your browser window. The center 'content' frame grows vertically, and adds a scrollbar as needed.

We developed the frame programming for one of the very first couponing sites.

TIP: If no scroll bar appears, yet it's obvious that content continues beyond the visible page, click in the center of the open window (over some of the text). Then, use your "down arrow" key to scroll.

The black banner at left uses two javascripts to maintain position as you scroll the page.

The main frameset is a JavaScript (document.write). This script, plus a small script on each content page of the site, maintains the frameset even when a surfer links directly to a specific content page.

We hope you enjoy the site. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know!